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Sump Pump Install & Repair

A sump pump is a pump that removes water from a damp or flooded area. The pump is installed near the source of dampness and overflow of water, and lives there permanently.

Although most houses in Houston do not have sump pumps, there are some homes that do – and for good reason.

Why would you need a sump pump for a Houston home?

Because most Houston homes are above the water table, you might wonder why anyone would need a sump pump.

However, if your home is in danger of flooding or soft soil around the foundation, you should considering having a sump pump installed.

Houston soil reacts to humidity in a big way. The high clay content retains moisture and expands, pressing against the foundation. If there’s a crack in the foundation, the moisture from the soil can pour underneath flooring, ruining it or even bursting through the floor and flooding your home.

In order to prevent moisture from building up under a foundation or basement, a certified plumber can install a sump pump on your property.

Sump Pump Repair

If you do have a sump pump that is malfunctioning, Mr. Fix It Plumbing has certified plumbers who can repair the device. Most sump pumps will alert you when the device doesn’t work correctly.

Our plumbers can offer you a free estimate over the phone and consultation about what may be wrong with the device. Call 281-616-3700 today!