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Repiping Services

Replace failing pipes with new, long lasting models.

Repiping is the process of replacing failing pipes with new pipes that will last longer.

Many homes in Houston built 20, 30, 40, or more years ago have pipes in their plumbing system that are beginning to fail. Many pipes in these homes were galvanized pipes, which rust and corrode after decades of use. These pipes can rot or collapse, causing major plumbing problems. A certified plumber can inspect your plumbing system pipes and determine which need to be replaced.

Warning signals you may need Repiping Services:

If you notice any of the following symptoms of a failing plumbing system in your home, you may need to hire a certified plumber for repiping services. Fortunately, not every pipe in your home might need to be replaced. A good plumber should offer a free consultation and estimate so that you know which pipes are failing and why, and what the solution is.

Look out for these 5 signs of failing pipes:

  • Tap water is discolored or has a pungent odor
  • Water pressure is failing and inconsistent
  • There’s spots and grime building up around drains and plumbing fixtures
  • Small leaks spring up in pipes.
  • Water can eat through the fixtures of low quality copper pipes

What causes pipes to fail over time?

Over the years pipes of any kind can fail for a number of reasons. Aggressive water flow, fire, tree roots pushing against fittings, shifting earth, exposed sunlight, are all natural causes for why pipes might fail. In addition, human error may play a factor: copper pipes with poorly soldered joints; CPVC pipes installed outdoors when they only go inside, and other human error may cause your home pipes to fail sooner than expected.

Solutions for Failing Pipes and Repiping Options

There are four common replacement options for old pipes: Copper, PEX, PVC, and CPVC. Each of these varities of pipe have different benefits and drawbacks. A licensed plumber can walk you through the options and guide the decision-making for what repiping solutions are right for your home.

Copper Pipes

Copper Pipes resist fires and bacteria, and have a lifespan of up to 50 years. They are soldered together and take longer to install than most other plastic polymber options.


PEX pipes are fast to install, flexible, long-lasting, and efficient. They don’t corrode and don’t get pinhole leaks, unlike copper piping. However, they do lose heat and aren’t quite as efficient with heat loss as hot water moves through them.


PVC Pipes are tough and sturdy, made of a combination of plastic and vinyl which resists corrosion, rot, bacteria growth, and wear over time. Because of the pipes durability and thickness, they can be used underground, outdoors, and inside.


CPVC have a very high heat resistance and so are used for hot water to travel through. Plus, they have chemical and corrosion resistant properties, so they last a long time. However, CPVC can’t be used outside because sunlight wears them down.

In Conclusion

Repiping benefits your home in many ways. You can save water and energy over the lifespan of your home, improve the quality of your water, and the durability of your water heater.

Call Mr. Fix It Plumbing Houston to talk with a certified plumber about repiping services today.

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