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Mr. Fix it Plumbing Houston is your #1 Sewer Hydro Jetting Houston.

Mr. Fix it Plumbing Houston are professional licensed and bonded Sewer Hydro Jetting Houston Company in Houston TX. Our service technicians are on call 24 hours a day for any of your Drain Cleaning needs. When you need your Drain & Sewer cleaned, Mr. Fix It Houston Plumbing Service is here to help!

Hydro Jetting is an effective plumbing tool to remove soft and hard blockages from a pipe. In short, a hydro jet pumps penetrating high-pressure water through a pipe, blasting the clog apart.

Hydro Jetting Houston Service

Although hydro jetting isn’t the only way to clear a clogged drain pipe, it is extremely effective in 99% of cases. Why? Because when a pipe clogs in a location you can’t see, only few things can reach the clog at all. What other methods can clear clogged pipes? In general, there are three methods for clearing pipes where the clog is out of reach:

  1. Snaking
  2. Pneumatic Pressure
  3. Hydro Jetting

In short, each of these methods has benefits and drawbacks. Read more to better understand the different kinds of tools and methods our Houston plumbers use to clear clogged pipes.

What causes clogged drains?

Drains clog from build-up of a number of different kinds of debris. Often times plumbers separate blockages into two kinds, soft blockages and hard blockages. Examples of debris that causes drains to build up with clogs are:

  • paper towels
  • cigarettes
  • cooking grease
  • diapers
  • sludge
  • hair
  • debris
  • tree roots
  • leaves

Sometimes a drain clearing tool works on soft blockages but doesn’t effectively remove hard blockages, and vise versa. For that reason plumbers often have to employ multiple tools for a job, if a single one doesn’t work.

However, a drain pipe may have a blockage — or it may collapse and the result is the same. In both cases, liquids won’t flow down the drain pipe. So on your end, you can’t know whether your pipe has a clog or whether the pipe has collapsed. For this reason, it may be necessary to hire a professional plumber.

So if you do need to hire a plumber to remove a major clog, consider hiring Mr Fix It Plumbing Houston for the job. Our Houston plumbers make customer satisfaction their number one priority. Plus, our plumbers are drain cleaning and hydro jetting specialists.

The benefit of our hydro jetting technology is that it can blast away even the toughest clogs. First, our hydro jetting plumber will view the clog with a camera to make sure the pipe itself hasn’t collapsed. Next, he’ll insert the penetrating head of the hydro jet into the drain pipe and blast away.

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are landlords responsible for clogged drains?

In short it depends. Read our complete explanation of landlord responsibility for clogged drains and cleaning drains.

What clears clogged drains

In general, there are two main locations you have to clear the drain at:

1. Clearing the drain right near the opening of the drain, the P-trap and the pop-up stopper for a sink.

2. Clearing the drain pipe farther down the pipe than you can see.

If you’ve cleaned the drain from all the parts you can easily see and it’s still clogged and water still backs up in it, you may need to clear the pipes from whatever blockages you can’t see.

But how do you clear a pipe if you can’t see the clog?

In general there are two methods for clearing pipes.

Snaking versus Hydrojetting Methods

a snake method forces a metal cable through the pipes. once the cable goes as far as it can, the plumber pulls back up the cable and usually some of the clog along with it, which catches in the line of the cable. The cable is best at bringing up soft stoppage material, such as papers, gels, and other gunk.

Often leaves hard debris in the pipe, especially at fitting areas.

What is hydro jetting?

Hydro Jetting is way to clean a pipe with high pressured water, usually 4,000 psi. There are multiple points through which water moves – so the main blast of water will penetrate through the pipe in the direction of the clog; more water will flow backward, which propels the water forward.

Mr. Fix It is your Trusted Sewer Hydro Jetting Houston

Our mission is to provide our customers with the best service and professional service in the city. Our fully trained staff has the knowledge and expertise to fix any of your Hydro Jetting needs. We provide excellent customer service because we care about our customers.

We Provide Service all over the Greater Houston Area.

Mr. Fix It Plumbing Houston not only provides professional service in Houston, TX. We also provide Hydro Jet in Humble, Spring, Cypress, Bellaire, Sugar Land, Katy and The Woodlands. If you need expert plumbing repair or installation, Mr. Fix It Plumbing Houston has the solution for you.

Mr. Fix It Plumbing Provides top Quality Service like:

  • Quick and Efficient Water Jetting.
  • Commercial Sewer and drain cleaning services.
  • Expert Residential sewer and drain cleaning with hydro jet technology.


Mr. Fix It Plumbing values our customers and continues to gain loyalty by providing outstanding customer service and expert Drain services. We pride ourselves as being a customer needs driven company because we care about our customers. Your homes plumbing system is our top priority and we thrive on providing the best plumbing replacement and installation service in Houston.