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Mr. Fix it Plumbing Houston is your #1 Garbage Disposal Repair Company.

Mr. Fix it Plumbing Houston are professional licensed and bonded Garbage Disposal Repair Company in Houston TX. Our service technicians are on call 24 hours a day for any of your Garbage Disposal needs. When you need your Garbage Disposal Repaired, Mr. Fix It Houston Plumbing Service is here to help!

Garbage Disposal Repair Service

Mr. Fix It Plumbing offers a Garbage Disposal Repair Service for all Houston area customers. Our garbage disposal technicians can repair, fix, and replace any garbage disposal unit causing you problems. Also, if you need a new garbage disposal unit installed in a new construction home or remodel, our technician can do that as well.

However, for those Houston customers who want to try to repair their own garbage disposal, our master plumber is putting together a how-to guide called “Garbage Disposal Repair” to help walk you through the process. Look for that to be published on our blog in 2017.

In the meantime, here are garbage disposal repair steps to go over the general outline for fixing a disposal.

How to troubleshoot a garbage disposal

1. Flip the garbage disposal switch On and listen for what the disposal does. Either one of two things can happen. First, that nothing happens. Or two, that the garbage disposal hums but does not spin. You’ll use this information later. Next flip the switch off again.

You always MUST make sure not to flip the switch to OFF whenever you are working on the garbage disposal.

How to unclog a garbage disposal drain?

Keep in mind the information you gathered from flipping the garbage disposal switch ON. Next:

  1. Look down the disposal hole and use pliers or another device to pull out debris. Debris in a garbage disposal can jam the mechanism from spinning. What constitutes debris? Nearly anything hard or soft. Certainly make sure there aren’t any metal utensils in the disposal unit.
  2. Once you remove the debris, turn the disposal switch back on.Then either three things can happen. Either the disposal unit hums and spins, only hums, or nothing happens.
  3. If the unit hums and spins – it’s fixed! Congratulations, your garbage disposal repair is done.
  4. However, if the unit only hums or nothing happens, you are not finished with the repair.
  5. Now you’ll need to go under the sink and inspect the garbage disposal unit. You’ll need a couple tools. First, you’ll need an allen wrench or a jam buster wrench. Both of these tools fit into the hex receptacle at the bottom of the garbage disposal.
  6. When you inspect your garbage disposal unit under the sink, find the reset button. Usually the reset button is red and located at the bottom of the unit. Flip this button. If the button makes a clicking noise when you flip it, you’ve very likely solved the issue. Go back to the disposal switch and flip it on, then test your unit. If it now works, you’re done!
  7. However, if the unit still doesn’t work, then you’ll need to test the outlet running to the garbage disposal. Go to your main circuit breaker and flip the switch that controls the garbage disposal unit. Now test your unit again.

If the garbage disposal still doesn’t work, then finally you’ll need your tools. 8. Insert your hex allen wrench or the jam buster wrench into this hex receptacle at the bottom of the garbage disposal unit. Turn your tool several times back and forth; what this does is free up the spinning mechanism of the unit. Now the garbage disposal blade should spin and work freely.

Mr. Fix It is your Trusted Houston Garbage Disposal Repair Service

Our mission is to provide our customers with the best service and professional service in the city. Our fully trained staff has the knowledge and expertise to fix any of your Garbage Disposal Repair needs. We provide excellent customer service because we care about our customers.

We Provide Service all over the Greater Houston Area.

Mr. Fix It Plumbing Houston not only provides professional service in Houston, TX. We also provide Garbage Disposal Repair in Humble, Spring, Cypress, Bellaire, Sugar Land, Katy and The Woodlands. If you need expert plumbing repair or installation, Mr. Fix It Plumbing Houston has the solution for you.

Mr. Fix It Plumbing Provides top Quality Service like:

  • Quick and Efficient Repair.
  • Affordable Installation.
  • Expert Replacement.


Mr. Fix It Plumbing values our customers and continues to gain loyalty by providing outstanding customer service and expert Garbage Disposal services. We pride ourselves as being a customer needs driven company because we care about our customers. Your homes plumbing system is our top priority and we thrive on providing the best plumbing replacement and installation service in Houston.